mrbeast challenge 1 million blocks

MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) is an American Youtuber which main Youtube Channel has more than 90 million subscriber and has gain a lot of popularity because the original challenge videos that rewards thounsands of dollars and lastly, MrBeast content is aimed towards Minecraft Challenges.

In the video Mining 1,000,000 Blocks Alone!, 100 random players from MrBeast audience joined a custom server where all of them have to compete and the first one that achieve the goal of mining 1 million blocks will be rewarded with 30K USD.

This Minecraft Challengue was going smooth, several players were mining thousands of blocks using diverse strategies like mining leafs trees or dirt. In a certain point the first player in the board has ten of thousands of mined blocks in advantage, thats why MrBeast put a bounty on his head and who killed the first player get a reward of 5K USD.

The task of mining 1 million blocks in Minecraft was not easy at all, reason why the challenge took 100 hours to be complete. The player that achieve the 1 million blocks mined won 30K USD, but also the player that got in second place and also very close to the 1 million blocks mined goal was rewarded with 20K USD. This MrBeast Minecraft Challenge took them awake for several days with little to none sleep, so we think this reward is a fair prize.

Minecraft is a videogame where the player has to explore a three dimentional world made out of cubes! It has a survival style, you need to worrie about finding food, water, build a house and fight the scary creatures of the night. Althought it looks like a simple game, Minecraft is one of the most complete games with a lot of game modes and custom servers to join. The game is available to be played in PC, Xbox and Mobile.