The Hive Minecraft Server

The Hive Server is a great place to play Minecraft. It’s one of the most popular servers and it has an active community that is always looking for new players!. This blog will help you on how to connect to The Hive Minecraft Server so you can enjoy playing. The Hive is has been around for quite some time now. This means there are countless things to do on the server, including minigames. These minigames can make playing Minecraft more fun and interesting at times.

The hive server minigames

Minecraft is an online game where you have to build whatever you want. The possibilities for many different things are endless. You can build houses, towns and villages or even recreate real life objects such as statues or even a whole city for example. You can also play with your friends online and help each other out when it comes to building stuff together.

How do I join The Hive?

The Hive is a featured server on Minecraft, meaning you can find it under the servers tab. If this screen seems unfamiliar with you this is probably because this is the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft servers menu

Can I play in The Hive Server with Minecraft Java Edition?

Unfortunately, The Hive Servers are closed for Minecraft Java Edition, you can only play on its servers using the Bedrock Edition.

The Hive Minigames

Getting bored of playing the same old game? Don’t be! Betrock is filled with hours of fun and excitement. There are dozens of minigames on this server that you can enjoy playing with your friends. From some clasical survival games to hide and seek, sky wars, treasure wars and much more, make sure to join the server and play as much as you want.

If you want to learn more about The hive you can check its official page: