Mermaid Tail Mod

Mermaid Tail Mod will allow you to experience the depths of the sea. This mods introduces an unique item, a necklace that will give you the hability to turn into a siren whenever you enter into water. You will also have the capability to breath under water, swim faster and fishes won’t be afreid of you.

Crafting Recipes

The crafting recipes in this mod are very easy. You need to have a necklace whom can be crafted using metal bars and a diamond.

Mermaid Tail Crafting

Your necklace can also be customized using dyes!

Mermaid Tail Crafting 2

How to install Mermaid Tail Mod

  1. Go to the Minecraft application folder.
    1. You can type %appdata% from the start menu or use windows key + R to launch %appdata%. Once in there look for the Minecraft folder.
  2. Copy and paste the Mermaid Tail Mod .jar file into the mods folder. You can get the .jar file below.
  3. Launch Minecraft Game and go to the mods section, you should see the CuteCore Mod installed.


Please, be aware that you need to have Minecraft Forge in order to install this mod.

Mermaid Tail Mod Links

For Minecraft 1.15.2: Click Here to get .jar file

For Minecraft 1.16.4: Click Here to get .jar file